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Bird Baths, Fountains and Garden Decor -                      

Pottery Patch has bird baths that please everyone.

This lovely hummingbird bird bath is made by Burley Clay Products - in business since 1923 in the USA. Each piece is hand painted.

Here is another fairly shallow bird bath, available in other colors, that would look great in your yard.  Adding a water wiggler to either bath would be a great idea - it would help the birds find the bath by reflecting light and keep the mosquitoes from being able to lay eggs on the surface.

Molten Blue and Tan Bird Bath

New from Stone Age Creations this year -

bird Bath with two fish

This lovely new bird bath with two fish no less will bring the birds investigating!  Carved from solid stone there is no worry of breakage or cracking in the winter.  What a stunning addition to your backyard bird feeding area.  The birds will so appreciate it!   

This Boulder Bench top is polished granite boulder with a natural edge and legs have a natural exterior.
Dimensions are 46"L x 16"W x 18"H. 
Boulder Bench

Evans Lawn Ornaments



Evans Lawn Ornaments is proud of their unique quality blend of sand, stone and cement that goes into the making of each product.  This Omega Fountain is a perfect example of their fine work.

  Omega Fountain



These bird baths are heavy enough not to be knocked over by critters but lightweight enough for an adult to move.    During the winter they need to be stored in a protected area or to continue to provide water for the birds, add a bird bath heater.

Evans Brute Senior Bird Bath