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Birds & Beans Coffee

B&B LogoWe are proud to now be offering Birds & Beans Coffee to our customers.

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         Our Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC) ‘Bird Friendly’® independent certification means that Birds & Beans® coffee is 100%-organic shade-grown, ensuring the conservation of migratory bird habitat in Latin America. Tanagers, thrushes, orioles, warblers, oven-birds and other wonderful birds nesting in North America find sanctuary in the rustic canopy, tropical forest-like environments of family coffee farms that carry the SMBC certification. Sun grown coffee – genetically modified and heavily dependent on chemical fertilization, pesticides and herbicides – adds to the destruction of critical bird habitat in Latin America – it literally kills birds we love and is harmful to farm workers and their families. ‘Birds & Beans the good coffee’™ is part of the solution. We want to help add thousands of hectares of shade grown, organic coffee habitat to the family farms already producing a truly sustainable and environmentally responsible crop. 

             There are four delicious flavors of coffee available in whole bean or ground.  Scarlet Tanager is a Dark Roast described as bold, intense and smooth.  For you medium roast fans, who enjoy a rich and clean taste, you will want to try the Chestnut-sided Warbler.  The Wood Thrush is a light roast - Delicate yet Full Flavored.   And of course, there is one for our decaf drinkers - the Baltimore Oriole, Rich Taste and French Roast.  What more could you want?  Now you can enjoy your coffee and know that your purchase is protecting the environment where so many of our summer visitors spend their winters. Birds & Beans Coffee is roasted a day or two before it is shipped to our store, so you can always count on full fresh flavor.

               The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center has developed strict scientific certification standards for coffee farming which is organic, shade grown, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The SMBC certification is the best assurance coffee drinkers can have that the coffee they are drinking is helping preserve habitat needed by migrant birds. Many of our most loved New England and New York birds depend on environments such as those provided by ‘Rustic Canopy’ coffee farming for sustaining their populations – perhaps even for their survival. The development of GM coffee that can be grown in full sun with heavy chemicals, the growth of ‘factory’ agriculture in the coffee lands and the destruction of rain forest make it increasingly difficult for many species to maintain viable population levels. Organic, shade grown coffee farms – family farms – are the best protection we can provide. However, the SMBC ‘Bird Friendly’® certification has not yet become the consumer ‘gold standard’ for sustainable coffee. Birds&Beans™ coffee fills the void and promotes the certification.

Birds and Beans Shade Grown Coffee -
French Roast, Medium Roast and Light Roast, 12 oz bags are $12.99
Decaf, 12 oz bags are $13.99

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