Give Dad the Gift of Bird Feeding


Father's Day Bird Fun Facts

  Father-of-the-Year Award                                                    
  The Father-of-the-Year Award goes to the Downy Woodpecker.  Though they        share daytime nest duties with their mate, only the fathers incubate and brood    at night and they roost in the nest until their offspring fledge.






Proud Provider
Chickadee and nuthatch dads feed Mom while she incubates and broods the eggs. Dad also helps feed the yo ung once they have hatched.






  Dad's Favorite Diner
  Downy Woodpecker and American Goldfinch dads like to take the family out to eat.      When the young brood fledges from the nest, Dad leads them to great food sources      as well as teaches them how to use his favorite backyard bird feeders.






Sharp Dressed Man
Ladies love a sharp-dressed man, even in the bird world. Only the most colorful, sharp-dressed House Finch and goldfinch males are preferred by their female counterparts. Carotenoids, a pigment found in foods that create red, orange and yellow to violet colors in feathers, help a potential dad communicate his reproductive fitness via a vibrant and bright plumage. It also shows females that he can be a good family provider knowing where to find quality food and lots of it.







   It's Good to be King
   The White-breasted Nuthatch male gets a special protection detail. His mate is the       “watchdog,” protecting her man from trouble, leaving him more time to concentrate     on hunting for food. She rarely strays far from him and stays in constant vocal             contact when more than a few yards apart.




Tool Time
Dads dig tools. Nuthatches, males and females, are one of the few species of birds known to use “tools.” The White-breasted Nuthatch has been known to use certain beetles as a tool by crushing ones that are stinky and sweeping them in and around their nest site to deter squirrels from their eggs and young. The Brown-headed Nuthatch will take a loose flake of pine bark in its bill and use it to pry up other scales of bark in search of prey.









   He’s a Rock Star
   Adult male Song Sparrows love to perform. They sing about six to twenty different       melodies every eight seconds and may average over 2,300 songs during an entire       day. The larger their repertoire of songs, the more successful they are in attracting     a mate and in holding their territories.





A Family Man
Mourning Dove dads love to raise families. They may have up to six clutches per year, usually with two eggs per clutch. This is the most of any North American bird, most likely due to the fact that the average life span for an adult Mourning Dove is 1 ½ years.





  The male Northern Cardinal 'kisses' his mate during courtship. He feeds her seeds while        courting her and it appears they are kissing.










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